Christmas message from Maiiro

With the manic rush of Black Friday and Cyber Monday out of the way, the scramble to get final Christmas presents sorted, the final dark days of December offer a welcome opportunity to catch our breath and practice some quiet reflection at Maiiro HQ.


Since launch of our sustainable, organic, vegan brand in June of this year, we have achieved a number of hugely significant milestones. As well as wonderful feedback from those that have bought our products, we are proud to have received industry recognition and various nominations for our products and sustainable packaging, reaching the finals in the renowned ‘Indie Beauty’ and ‘Ecovia Sustainable Beauty’ Awards, where we were up against established names, including Aveda, Henkel and Ren Skincare.


Whilst we all love Christmas, it should not really come as a great surprise that the extended period of socialising, raucous office parties and resulting hangovers, will inevitably take their toll and put pressure on the body’s largest organ, literally getting under your skin. Unless you are under 21 and are still immortal or have the willpower of a medieval monk, too many mince pies, rich food and bubbly will be par for the course. This will likely result in prolonged dehydration at the very least and increase the potential for annoying break-outs if you are unlucky.


The importance of keeping your skin moisturised is clear. What is perhaps less evident is the fact that your January detox should not just be limited to what you eat and drink after December’s compulsory over-indulgence, but should pay careful attention to what goes onto your skin. Let’s face it, mineral oils, artificial fragrances and chemical product preservatives will do little to bring back that clear complexion . . . . .


We are pleased that we are at least able to provide you with the right clean skincare products to bring back that natural radiance. Unfortunately, you will still need to bring your own willpower to stick to any self-imposed dietary regime!


After a great start in 2019, we aim to continue along the same lines in the new year, providing luxurious products that work for your skin and quite literally do not cost the earth. On that note, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support and wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Christmas and all the very best for 2020 !