Harnessing the power of the sea

Creating the Maiiro collection has been a true journey of love for founder Katy Rowe who lives in Guernsey, a beautiful island in the English Channel.

The island is known for its clean waters and a powerful tidal flow that plays host to an abundance of marine life. It is here, gently swaying beneath the surface of the sea, that the inspiration for Maiiro can be found.

Haematococcus Pluvialis, Oarweed, Bladderwrack, Wakame and Thong Weed provide the high concentrations of active ingredients at the heart of a gentle, naturally skin-kind, product range that makes a positive change to skin that can be seen and felt.  Maiiro promises to not just ‘cover-up’ skin problems but make a visible difference to complexions of all ages.

All nutrients, no chemicals

The seaweeds are harvested using sustainable harvesting methods and unlike many other cosmetics companies, Maiiro does not add any nasty chemicals such as parabens, phthalates or sulphates to any of its products. Instead, feel reassured that each luxurious Maiiro product is vegan, (with the exception of the Lip Salve, due to its beeswax content), has never tested on animals and uses pure, earth-friendly, organic ingredients wherever possible.

Nutrient-rich and sustainably harvested, the miraculous marine botanicals in Maiiro’s five-seaweed formula, Kelpogen5TM, are packed with a rich blend of minerals, including zinc, selenium and magnesium, and antioxidants including vitamin A, C and E - proven to protect skin from environmental damage.

The formulations are also rich in niacin - part of the Vitamin B family, this natural skin saver helps to hydrate, boost cell regeneration and remedy common conditions, such as changes in pigmentation, inflammation and redness.

Nurturing all skin types

Extensive research backs up Maiiro’s faith in seaweed as a new generation, all-natural superfood for the skin. The low allergy seaweed extracts used in its formulations are suitable for even the most sensitive, easily irritated complexions.

The alginate acid found in the seaweeds helps to lock moisture into the skin, negating the need for the heavy man-made emollients, which can clog pores and leave your complexion dull and lacklustre.

Discover a new frontier in natural, organic cosmetics that protects, heals and restores your precious skin without detriment to nature and the environment.

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