Hello winter, goodbye dry lips!


With the festive season now almost a distant memory (apart from still finding pine needles everywhere around the house), the next thing to look forward to is our annual winter skiing holiday - a welcome break from work, other than the daily e-mail check of course, allowing us as a family to re-charge our batteries, just for a little while.

The only problem is, we normally spend the best part of two days getting to our destination, with two flights, an overnight stay at the airport hotel and a long bus ride to our final destination. Worse still, for two days, we are forced to endure a horrible air-conditioned, too hot / too cold, but predominantly dry environment, without any fresh air to speak of. Being in the skincare business, we all know the worst thing for our skin is dehydration, and this lead-up to the cold dry air on the slopes does very little to help unfortunately. Dry skin and dry lips, here we come . . .

When we do finally hit the ski slopes, our lips literally bear the full brunt of the harsh winter environment. It is scientifically proven that the skin on our lips is much thinner than elsewhere on our body - three to five layers of cells only, versus anything up to twenty layers on your back. In addition, our lips do not contain any sebaceous glands, meaning that we cannot lubricate from within, leaving us more vulnerable to wind, sun, cold and dehydration. Worse still, lower melanin presence means our lips are much more sensitive to UV exposure, which is almost a given at those higher altitudes. The perfect recipe for chapped lips . . .

Being in the business however, we are probably better equipped than most to weather this particular storm! Armed with industrial quantities of Maiiro’s all natural lip balm, we are fortunate enough to take full advantage of this ‘best in class’ natural lip salve to soothe our dry lips.

So, what will you do in terms of skin repair and re-balancing moisture levels to bring back your beautiful pink lips? The answer is easy, make sure you drink plenty (water of course!) and use Maiiro’s organic lip balm all day, every day. Containing our trademarked seaweed formulation, Kelpogen5, it is packed with vitamins including A,B,C and E, as well as anti-oxidants known to protect the skin from oxidative stress, such as UV radiation. Our natural lip salve also contains olive oil, plum kernel oil, all known for their moisturising properties.

Even if you don’t hit the slopes this year, you should probably consider incorporating the lip salve into your daily anti-ageing routine. Your lips and surrounding tissues get thinner as you age and facial creams are not routinely used on your lips. 

We are ready for the mountain air, sunshine and blue skies. And those black runs of course . . . Goodbye dry lips - Apres Ski, here we come!