Beauty Heaven - Natural vs Chemical: 1 - 0 !

I grew up with the familiar cosmetics brands that still dominate the skincare and beauty industry to this day. For many years, my skincare routine included these household names, using their products daily and, as a treat (birthdays and Christmas), perhaps adding something rather more expensive, indulgent and luxurious. 

It was not until my face became inflamed on a regular basis that I put two and two together and decided to have a closer look at what I was actually putting on my skin. After some serious reading, it became clear to me that some of my best-loved brands contained ingredients that appeared to offer very little benefits, if any, to my skin. 

I started to question why artificial ingredients and scientific sounding additives were necessary to enhance beauty products. Whilst enhancing product shelf life may make perfect economic sense to a manufacturer, I am convinced that phthalates, parabens and artificial fragrances should have no place in skincare. Mineral oils, known to clog pores, are still widely used but are probably better suited for use on a petrol station forecourt . . .  What is wrong with natural alternatives I asked?   Surely natural would be best?

Once I realised that, in essence, I was paying good money to multi-national companies to put a daily dose of petrochemical industry by-products and mould inhibitors on my precious skin, the penny dropped.

Having found myself at the wrong end of sensitive skin, with no real help available from mainstream brands other than resorting to more chemical laced ‘medicated’, formulations, I decided that enough was enough. The best way to ensure that no further artificial nasties would ever touch my skin again was to make my own products! Sourcing the very best ingredients, including the best essential oils (from sustainable sources of course) and, where possible, organic oils for the skin, became my full-time job for the best part of two years.   

So far, the result has been amazing to say the least – launching our Maiiro brand, delivering everything I had hoped for, and more, in terms of organic content, recyclability and sustainability, has been an incredible experience.

Most importantly, I can honestly say that my skin feels better than it has done in a long time. I guess that mother nature really does know best !