One step forward, two steps back

This is a position we often find ourselves in when learning something new, and it holds very true when launching a new company. The concept behind our products however was quite the opposite, where we only had to take one step back to remember where we have all come from. Centuries of daily use of seaweed for fertilisation, food and medicine convinced us of the valuable contribution seaweed could make to our skincare products – innovation driven by tradition so to speak!

So here we are, a brand-new company, a brand-new range of skincare products, but with a different angle than most. Committed to preserving our environment, we aim to become the class-leading brand in terms of sustainability, level of organic content and recyclable packaging. In addition, our conscious decision not to use animal derived extracts or be involved in animal testing means our products are also suitable for use by vegetarians and vegans. In this respect, we believe that we offer something genuine and unique to the world of cosmetics.

After almost two years of planning and preparation, it is now time for us to take two steps forward. With the launch of our initial range of ladies’ / women’s cosmetics in June and a men’s range of skincare and grooming products in the pipeline for later in the year, we could not be more excited!

Welcome to Maiiro!