Skincare in the new normal !

What a crazy, roller-coaster year 2020 has been – corona-virus, national lockdowns, social distancing, face-masks, hand-sanitiser and working from home . . . .

It is safe to say we have all been affected either by the virus itself or by the ongoing restrictions. If anyone would have predicted our current predicament twelve months ago, we would have laughed at the doomsayers and got on with our daily lives without giving it a thought. Like it or not, we find ourselves in these exceptional circumstances, changing our lives beyond all recognition.

One thing the pandemic has taught us is that our community spirit is alive and well and immune to all the hardship and upheaval the crisis has thrown at us. If anything, it has made us stronger – with increased awareness of our health and the importance of looking after ourselves in particular, paying attention to lifestyle, diet and exercise has become the norm.

That was the positive news. What has been increasingly apparent however, is that certain skin problems, including eczema, have quite often been exacerbated by the constant use of hand-sanitizers and wearing of facemasks. Even people who would not normally suffer from skin complaints have been affected. This shows that now, more than ever, the importance of proper skincare cannot be under-estimated.

Maiiro’s range of natural products is uniquely placed to provide lasting benefits for sensitive skin. At the height of the pandemic, our organic soap has been an absolute lifesaver for many. Combining its clinical cleansing properties whilst superbly moisturising, it leaves even the most sensitive skin feeling soothed and nourished. For existing skin problems, our best-selling Anti-Blemish Cream offers relief and restorative qualities. Containing our trademarked marine formulation, Kelpogen5™, all our products use ingredients individually chosen for their proven anti-viral and anti-bacterial and moisturising properties.

With industry leading organic content, sustainably sourced ingredients, recyclable packaging, our products are never tested on animals and do not contain artificial fragrances or preservatives.

We welcome you to the future of clean skincare.

Welcome to the world of Maiiro !

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