about maiiro

Maiiro - noun

Derived from the Guernésiais (Guernsey French) word for sea.

  • Maiiro was born from a desire to help skin look and feel better, naturally.

    Created in Guernsey, Maiiro was inspired by the sea and shoreline that is an ever-present part of life on this beautiful island.

    With one of the largest tidal ranges in the world, Guernsey’s pristine clean waters are home to an abundant and rich marine life.

    Seaweed has long been foraged from these shores and is a natural source of powerful skincare ingredients, some of which are many times more potent than traditional antioxidants like CoQ10 or Vitamin C. 

  • Guernsey

Whilst on the journey to create Maiiro, we formulated our signature ingredient, Kelpogen5™  to harness the full power of seaweed - a skincare superfood that gives all complexions the nourishment and protection they need to look their best, for all ages and skin types.

Creating Maiiro has been a journey of love that has been driven by a determination to formulate skincare that does more than mask a problem, goes deeper than providing temporary relief and has the power to change skin. 

Maiiro’s line-up of Anti-Ageing Cream, Anti-Blemish Cream, Organic Soap and Organic Lip Salve took over two years to formulate to ensure, wherever possible, that organic and vegan ingredients are used.

Maiiro Products

With our signature blend of five food-grade seaweeds at the heart of every formulation, Maiiro is unlike any other skincare brand.

Committed to protecting the source of its powerful formula, Maiiro uses only sustainable harvesting methods to collect the seaweeds, ensuring the delicate ecological balance of the ocean is respected and preserved for future generations.

"Maiiro, combining nature's beauty with yours, naturally”

Katy Rowe, Founder.