Being sustainable, organic, vegan and nearly entirely plastic free, our whole ethos has been built on making sure that we try, as hard as we possibly can, to reduce our impact on the environment. We’re not perfect. But everything we do, we do environment first.

And we’re proud to say that Maiiro are 100% recyclable. But we’re still working to be better and become 100% plastic free, too.

Knowing how much the skincare industry adds to plastic waste around the world, we’ve decided to launch our own plastic awareness campaign, Pack of Lies, to change industry norms when it comes to producing plastic packaging for products. Pack of Lies not only raises awareness of the plastic problem and the skincare industry’s contribution to it, but also highlights the issue of ‘greenwashing’ in the industry – brands covering up their environmentally unfriendly practices with charitable initiatives.

Managing Director of Maiiro, Katy Rowe, said of the campaign: “Being environmentally friendly and sustainable has been a core element of Maiiro from the very beginning, and the plastic problem is one that we feel especially passionate about. Therefore, alongside the brand launch, we wanted to raise awareness of plastic pollution – a problem the skincare industry adds so much to. The problem is much bigger than any individual brand or product but we hope to highlight this and encourage other brands to follow in our footsteps and consider the environment first.”

In order to eliminate greenwashing and reduce plastic production in the industry, we have also launched a petition to campaign for brands to be transparent when it comes to their progress in reducing their plastic output. That way, we’ll know what we’re buying and who we’re buying from.

Would you like to support the campaign? Take a look at Pack of Lies, here.

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