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The anti ageing cream feels gorgeous on my skin and super-nourishing; I love that it is unfragranced too.

@ thewrinklephobic

@maiiroskincare has created a lush organic seaweed soap that you must try.


A miracle anti-ageing cream.


@maiiroltd is perfect for protecting your skin AND the planet! The #maiiro organic and vegan products kept my skin happy this past month in the extreme conditions of Himalayas AND it’s made from sustainably sourced seaweed so I felt like I had the healing powers of the ocean in my pocket at all times.


Such a beautiful packaging.


A marine cream. Naturally healing and fabulous!


I have been enjoying the luxurious feel to the creams and soap, and whilst I think the Organic Soap and Anti-Ageing Cream have been nice to use, I have particularly enjoyed the Anti-Blemish Cream.


Redness on my cheeks has reduced dramatically.